Why Flexo Coatings Are Important To Print

Why Flexo Coatings Are Important To Print

Flexo coatings are important to print because they help improve the overall appearance and functionality of printed materials. These coatings can provide a variety of benefits such as:

  1. Protection: Flexo coatings can protect printed materials from damage caused by environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and light. This helps to ensure that the printed materials remain in good condition and last longer.

  2. Gloss and Saturation: Flexo coatings can provide a high gloss or satin finish to printed materials. This can help to enhance the color and vibrancy of the printed images, making them more eye-catching and attractive.

  3. Ink Adhesion: Flexo coatings can improve the adhesion of ink to the printed substrate. This helps to ensure that the ink does not smudge or smear, which can lead to poor print quality and readability.

  4. Special Effects: Flexo coatings can be used to create special effects such as metallic finishes, holographic patterns, and tactile textures. These effects can help to make the printed materials stand out and capture the attention of the viewer.

Overall, flexo coatings are an important aspect of print because they can help to enhance the quality and appearance of printed materials, making them more visually appealing and functional.