Types of UV Coatings

Types of UV Coatings

Roller Coatings- low viscosity coating in the range of 65-200 cps that are formulated to maximize performance on specific equipment. These types of coatings have superior leveling and flow out characteristics

Web Offset Coatings- viscosity ranges between 160-300 cps. Web offset coatings have a combination of exceptional gloss, cure speed, and adhesion to various ink systems while incorporating non stick properties on high speed presses, delivery and bindery.

Blanket Coatings- Viscosity range of 200-400 cps. Blanket coatings are for applications with in-line press coater or can be run off-line. They are commonly used to produce commercial work, folding cartons or even labels.

Flexo coatings- viscosity range of 180-750 cps. Flexo coatings are formulated for application on wide or narrow web flexo coaters. These types of coatings are typically used to make labels, folding cartons, and multi-wall bags.

Cylinder screen coatings- viscosity range of 200-500 cps. Cylinder screen coatings are used for application on equipment such as sakuri presses and are formulated to provide a smooth uniform film that levels to create a wet look. These coatings are excellent spot coat products.

Ink Train Coatings- Viscosity range from 1000-20000 cps. Ink train coatings are applied direct through the presses ink train. They are effective for flood coating where a coater is not available. Ink train coating formulations also include wet litho coatings which can be spot coated utilizing the dampener.

Glueable and Foil Stampable Coatings- viscosity ranges from100-400cps depending on the specific equipment that is being used to apply the product. These coating can be applied over wax-free inks on most types of equipment.

Matte Satin Dull Coatings- Viscosity ranges from 250-750 cps.  Matte, Satin, and Dull are formulated  to lay smoothly and have excellent rheologic properties. Gloss levels on these three products are substantially lower; especially with matte which is around a 10 gloss range. These products are great for creating contrast.

Specialty Coatings- The viscosities can be a very wide range in this grouping. Effective products in the industry are: glow in dark, dry erase, pearlescent coatings, color changing coatings, self-reticulation, grit, canvas print.