All about Scratch-Off Ink

All about Scratch-Off Ink

Scratch-off ink is a specially formulated opaque ink that is used to cover up information or codes that are meant to be concealed until the recipient scratches off the covering layer to reveal the hidden information underneath.

Scratch-off ink works by covering up the information with a layer of ink that adheres to the surface of the material. This ink layer is typically composed of a mix of pigments and binders that allow it to stick to the surface and also provide the desired level of opacity.

The scratch-off effect is achieved by applying a thin layer of scratch-off ink on top of the concealed information. This scratch-off ink layer is typically made of a different material than the base layer of ink, which allows it to be easily scratched off with a fingernail or a coin.

When the recipient scratches off the top layer of scratch-off ink, the underlying information is revealed. The scratch-off ink layer is designed to be easily removed, revealing the information underneath without damaging or smudging it.

Overall, scratch-off ink is a clever and effective way to conceal information and create a sense of intrigue or excitement around revealing it.

We highly reccomend that when using our scratch off products you but a base layer of our release coating down first.

Here is the product info: UF0-3292 UV Scratch-Off Release Coating