How much ink/coating do you need?

How much ink/coating do you need?

Calculating Ink Consumption Can Save Money

Using the wrong ink or not blending ingredients properly for a particular application can lead to problems such as:

  • Poor adhesion

  • Smearing

  • Bleeding

  • Incorrect color strength

Poor ink management can also lead to extra consumption resulting from:

  • Losing ink when starting or finishing a run

  • Too-soft metering roll

  • Old/ weak ink

  • Too-high viscosity

  • Too much anilox volume

Comparing actual ink use with the calculated ink requirement can get you started on making necessary corrections. These fixes might include:

  • Lowering ink viscosity

  • Replacing parts, such as the anilox

  • Changing the way you handle ink at both ends of the printing process


Here is the formula that can be utilized to calculate lbs. of ink required:

Total lbs.= (length X width X quantity X .00025 X total impressions) / (231 X 9.5)

Using an ink consumption calculator doesn’t guarantee cost savings. What it can do is help you find any areas where savings are possible. 

At Phoenix, we offer services such as in house surface tension testing, ink coverage calculations, dyne readings, viscosity testing, and color management assistance. These services ensure the quality of your image carrier can be supported throughout the flexo printing process.

If you're currently experiencing problems with your prints, please reach out to us for a free printing consultation and we will help.