Quartz Broadcast Aggregate

Quartz Broadcast Aggregate

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Quartz broadcast aggregate, also known as quartz broadcast media or simply quartz sand, is a type of decorative flooring material used in epoxy or resin-based flooring systems. It consists of natural quartz crystals that are finely graded to create a consistent size and texture. Quartz broadcast aggregate is applied by broadcasting (scattering) the aggregate onto a freshly applied layer of epoxy or resin, creating a visually appealing, slip-resistant, and durable flooring finish.

Here are the key characteristics and features of quartz broadcast aggregate:

  1. Material: Quartz broadcast aggregate is composed of natural quartz crystals, which are exceptionally hard, durable, and resistant to wear and tear.

  2. Size and Texture: The aggregate particles are typically finely graded to ensure a uniform size, which ranges from very fine to coarse. The texture of the quartz sand provides slip resistance to the flooring surface.

  3. Colors: We Offer 4 colors: black, tan, clear, and grey

  4. Textured Finish: When applied to the epoxy or resin surface, the quartz broadcast aggregate creates a textured finish that improves traction and slip resistance, making it suitable for areas where slip hazards are a concern.

  5. Versatility: Quartz broadcast aggregate is suitable for a wide range of applications, including commercial and industrial spaces, residential garages, showrooms, restaurants, and other high-traffic areas.

  6. Ease of Maintenance: Once the epoxy or resin cures and the quartz aggregate is bonded, the flooring becomes easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are typically sufficient to keep the floor in good condition.

  7. Durability: Due to the hardness of quartz, the flooring system with broadcast aggregate offers excellent durability, making it resistant to abrasions, impacts, and heavy foot traffic.

  8. UV Stability: High-quality quartz broadcast aggregate is often UV stable, ensuring that the colors do not fade when exposed to sunlight, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Quartz broadcast aggregate is a popular choice for decorative flooring systems because of its durability, slip resistance, and versatility in design. It provides an attractive and functional flooring solution that can transform spaces while offering long-lasting performance in various environments.