Epoxy Floor Coating Full Kit with Vinyl Chips

Mixed Vinyl Flakes

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 Vinyl flooring chips, also known as vinyl chips or vinyl flakes, are small, colored particles of vinyl material used as decorative elements in epoxy or resin-based flooring systems. These chips are sprinkled or broadcast onto a fresh layer of epoxy or resin, which adheres to the underlying flooring surface. The result is a visually appealing, textured, and durable flooring finish.

Here are some key characteristics and features of vinyl flooring chips:

  1. Material: Vinyl chips are made from high-quality vinyl resin, which provides excellent durability and color retention.

  2. Size and Shape: Our Vinyl chips come in 2 sizes, ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch in diameter. They can be square, irregular, or round in shape.

  3. Colors and Blends: Vinyl chips are available in a wide range of colors, allowing for endless design possibilities. They can be single-color chips or multi-colored blends, providing a speckled or confetti-like appearance.

  4. Textured Finish: When embedded in epoxy or resin, vinyl chips create a textured surface that helps improve slip resistance and hides imperfections in the underlying floor.

  5. Versatility: Vinyl flooring chips can be used in both commercial and residential settings, including garages, workshops, retail spaces, restaurants, offices, and even homes.

  6. Ease of Maintenance: Once the epoxy or resin cures and the chips are locked into place, the flooring becomes easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are usually sufficient to keep the floor looking great.

  7. Durability: Vinyl chips enhance the overall strength and longevity of the flooring system, making it resistant to abrasions, impacts, and heavy foot traffic.

  8. Customization: With various color options and combinations available, vinyl chips allow for customization, enabling you to create a floor design that matches your desired aesthetics.

Vinyl flooring chips offer an affordable and attractive alternative to traditional flooring options and have gained popularity for their durability, ease of maintenance, and decorative possibilities. They can transform plain concrete or other surfaces into visually appealing and functional flooring solutions.